50.000:- cash and further coaching from the Krinova-team

When working hard for a Healthier Planet you deserve a prize! But the team's contributions will be assessed by a jury and as this is a competition there will be a winner; 1st price is 35 000:- and 2nd is 15 000:-. Though all teams get feedback and access to the Krinova offering which includes further coaching.


The jury is a group of people with an impressive buff of experience and knowledge about food, innovation, and sustainability.

Maria Corazza Bildt and truffle from Gotland

Jury Guidlines

Solution vs Challenge
How well does the proposed solution address the chosen challenge.

How well did the team work together? How much progress was made during the Hack?

Market potential / feasibility
Could the proposed solution hit the market? Could this actually be done? Value over resource.

Level of innovation
Is the proposed solution new? Does it add value to the target market?

How well would the solution contribute to the fulfilling of the Sustainable Development Goals?