Food Hack by Krinova

What’s a Food Hackathon?

It’s a 48 hour innovation competition. Check out the videos from 2017 and 2018 to see what it means to be a Food Hacker.


Be a Food Hacker

Join in and set your impact in the food industry. New friends, lots of fun, food and tough challenges – all in the spirit of challenge driven open innovation!

2018 – The Greater CPH Foodhack

Foodhack 2018 by DTU Skylab & Krinova was a double food hack, which means double the fun! Over the course of two weekends students, innovators, companies and food hackers worked hard to  combine food and tech in a successful combo – all in the spirit of open innovation.

2017 – Connectivity of Food

Theme for 2017 was ”Connectivity of Food” containing several dimensions such as: what values can the new technology create? how can we cultivate, produce and consume smarter? At the same time connectivity is wider than just technology. it´s in the boundary between different areas that many of the most exciting innovations are born.