Frequently asked questions


We have collected a few questions that you as a participant might have to the Greater Cph FoodHack#2:


1. Can I participate at the FoodHack#2 at DTU Skylab if I have not participated at the  FoodHack#1 at Krinova?

Yes. Definitely. All profiles and backgrounds are welcome and wanted! We need cross-disciplinarily to create the most innovative solutions


2. Do I need to participate in all the activities?

Yes. We want to make sure you have the best possible platform for getting in touch with the companies.


3. Can I participate if I’m not a DTU student or a student at all?

Yes! The foodhack is for everyone!  In fact we encourage cross-disciplinary teams. We have experienced that the best teams are a mix across different backgrounds.

The Greater CPH Foodhack brings together everyone who has a common interest in sustainable food and a driving force to make things happen. Over the course of a weekend students, innovators, companies and food hackers will combine food and tech in a successful combo – all in the spirit of open innovation


4. Who owns the right to the ideas?

You do! If you have not agreed otherwise with one of the companies.  We encourage you to keep an open development platform. After FoodHack#2  final you can choose to continue with your idea on your own.


5. Can I get ECTS points for participating at Greater Cph FoodHack#2?

Not for the FoodHack#2, but if you want to continue to work on your solution and are a student in the Great Copenhagen area you can apply for the course HERE


6. Can I participate as a first year student?  

Yes of course! You can create your own team, or find a team at the first evening of the FoodHack#2. Remember that everone has to sign up before August 26th by clicking HERE 


7. I have not found a team yet, can I participate? 

Yes indeed! The FoodHack#2 weekend is also an opportunity for you to network and find  In fact, the teams formed officially on Friday August 31st and you will have the chance and advantage to easily make a great team with a mix across studylines, and across universities.