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Challenges are the cornerstones of open innovation

We gather around challenges that address the Sustainable Development Goals as defined by the UN in the Agenda 2030. The challenges are sourced from the crowd and you are welcome to suggest a challenge for the hackers to work on. We will publish challenges as we go!

The Food Hack Challenges

Challenge #1

Challenge: Farmed Blue Mussels from the Baltic Sea
Sender: Lena Tasse
Project: Baltic Blue Growth

Challenge: Mussel farming can decrease nutrient content in sea water and provide ecosystem services in the Baltic Sea – but how can the harvested farmed mussels be used and commercialized?

Blue mussels have great potential as a sustainable source of high-value protein and marine omega-3 fatty acids. Though the shells are fragile and the mussels are small, so consumers tend to prefer the larger mussels from the west coast. Consequently, this valuable resource is used for biogas or soil improvement. The ideal situation is scaled up farming of blue mussels in order to improve water quality of the Baltic Sea while making use of the harvested mussels for human consumption.

About Challenges

Challenges are what we call the problem that hackers work on. During the first part of the hack, all challenges are presented on stage. All hackers are present during the presentations eager to hear something that makes their hearts leap. After the presentation, teams are formed and the hacking can begin. On Sunday the teams present their work to the audience and the jury. In other words, the challenges are super important cornerstones of the hack.

Guidelines and FAQs

Can I suggest a challenge?
You are welcome to suggest a challenge, but the slots are limited. We are sourcing challenges from students, scientists, businesses, NGOs and so forth.

I’m already working on something – can I bring it to the hack?
The challenge can’t be an ongoing business venture however an ongoing business venture can present a specific challenge that they want to open up publicly. 

Any specific challenges you are looking for?
This year all challenges are to be within the main theme ”A Healthier Planet”. Food is focus and we would love it if you address one or more of the SDGs (Sustainable development goals)

Do I have to attend the hack if my challenge is accepted?
As a challenge contributor you are responsible for making a live presentation. Preferably you attend the pitching event on Friday afternoon but it’s also possible to do the presentation pre recorded.

How should I present the challenge?
The time limit is 3 minutes + 2 minutes of questions. Slides are a good way of making challenges more tangible. If your challenge is accepted we will help you put it into words.

Please contact us if you wish to suggest a challenge!

phone: +46702514019

We are excited to hear your challenge, please fill in the form. Keep it short, you will get the chance to explain further in the next step of the process.

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