FoodHack#2 will evolve around 4 different challenges:



Challenge #1: Camel Whey

Prototype a high quality affordable nutrition for children and mothers based on cereals and camel whey.

How: Develop food products meeting all nutritional requirements by combining whey from camel milk with cheap crops produced locally in Ethiopia. The primary target groups are children from 1 year and up, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.

Key words: Camel milk, camel whey, high quality protein, starch, local production, drought resilience.

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This challenge is brought to you by: DTU-Food (National Food Institute) and KU-Food (Department of Food Science)

Challenge #2: Nutrition bar

Prototype an affordable and easy-to-make nutrition snack for developing countries that can help young women get vital nutrition during their long working hours in garment factories in Bangladesh.


How: The challenge is to design a solution that contributes to close the nutritional gaps of the women workforce.

Keywords: malnutrition, workplace, women, nutritious snack, local production, affordable, delicious

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This challenge is brought to you by: GAIN – Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, Nordic Partnership


Challenge #3: Thermobox

Prototype a thermos box and system for transporting goods from small food producers to bigger customers like restaurants.

How: The solution needs to keep the products cold for at least 24 hours and should be possibly to transport with ordinary transport on a scale of half pallet or to a pallet.

Keywords: Food supply, logistics, prototyping solution for transporting different types of food, sustainability, Denmark

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This challenge is brought to you by: Råhandel

Challenge #4: Crabs

Turning the invasive and abundant shore crabs into a gastronomic resource and/or prototype a plier that can open the crabs.

How: We challenge you to create a unique and fresh fond or tasty bisque cooked using beach crabs as a main ingredients. Can we turn the fresh ingredients into a product that can be sold that is long lasting and do not need refrigeration?

Keywords: Ingredients, cooking, prototyping physical tool prototyping, experiment with crabs, creating full value of new gastronomic resource

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