Krinova Food

The food industry and primary production sector are dominant in Kristianstad and northeast Skåne, why Krinova is Sweden’s only incubator & Science Park with food as a profile.

With a network of almost 1000 small scale food producers makes it natural that Krinova arranges Food Hacks in the spirit of open innovation. For more information www.krinova.se

The Food Hack

The Food Hack is a 48hour long innovation competition designed for the global food community. The 2019 edition is the 5th annual Food Hack arranged by Krinova. Every year we host HAckers from around the world. This years theme is “A Healthier Planet” and we set out in association with Formas, research council for sustainable development, to tackle challenges connected to the sustainable development goals defined by the United Nations in the Agenda 2030.

Krinovas offering

Krinova offers a creative growth environment with facilities for development and innovation work, meeting rooms and flexible office space.

Krinova’s role includes setting up projects involving academia, the public sector and industry that could lead to new business ideas and innovations. In the cross cluster area of ‘food, environment and health’, there are partnerships and projects running at the local, regional and international level. Krinova is owned by the municipality of Kristianstad and Kristianstad University.

We encourage teams formed at The Food Hack to let us be part of their continued journey.

Food Hack coordinator:
Elin Carleke
mail: elin@krinova.se
+46 702514019

Krinova Incubator & Science Park
Stridsvagnsv. 14
291 39 Kristianstad, Sweden
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