Create the food innovations of tomorrow


The Greater CPH Foodhack brings together everyone who has a common interest in sustainable food and a driving force to make things happen. Over the course of a weekend students, innovators, companies and food hackers will combine food and tech in a successful combo – all in the spirit of open innovation. Greater CPH Foodhack 2018 by DTU Skylab & Krinova will be a double food hack, which means double the fun!At the FoodHack#2 you can help startups to hack the following challenges: A high quality affordable nutrition for children and mothers based on cereals and camel whey (Ethiopia) - An affordable and easy-to-make nutrition snack for developing countries - A thermo box and system for transporting goods from small food producers to bigger customers like restaurants - Using beach crabs as a gastronomic resource and show us your prototype for a customized plier. Sign up now and help us to ensure the sustainable development of the future food.